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TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. More than 5,200 colleges and universities worldwide require this test as part of your application. It is designed to evaluate your mastery of the English language and your ability to be successful in an English-speaking academic environment. Each year, more than half a million students take the TOEFL test, primarily for the purpose of attending graduate school. The TOEFL is also used by undergraduate institutions and by several government agencies and other organizations for professional certification.

During the Internet-based TOEFL test, test centers will record your speech, and also provide audio presentations during the testing—a first for a global standardized test! ETS refers to this new format as an “integrated tasks” test, and intends to provide a more complete assessment of your language skills. Schools should be able to look at your TOEFL score and get a clear picture of how well you will be able to communicate and learn in an English-speaking academic environment.

There are four different sections in the internet based TOEFL test: Reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each section is scaled as 0-30 and total mark is120. Generally, colleges require a score above 61. A score above 80 is taken as a good score. The cost for taking this exam is $160.

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